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How much does the course cost?

All of the courses including course fees, exams and materials are FREE provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

What are the Technical Requirements?

  • You will need a Windows PC, Mac or laptop. (Tablet computers such as iPad, or Chromebooks are unsuitable for anything except the Digital Marketing pathway).
  • The computer must be in good condition and not be prone to crashing or working very slowly.
  • If you are doing the Data Analytics or Software pathways, you need access to a Windows computer.
  • We recommend a dual-core Processor with a MINIMUM of 4GB of RAM or greater. 
  • Your computer’s hard drive will need enough free space for the software required for your course.
  • Your computer will need a working microphone and a working camera.  (you will be required to have your camera on during classes)
  • Up-to-date operating systems, a Web Browser such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox.
  • The screen resolution should be 1024X768.
  • You will need access to High-speed, reliable broadband which can stay connected without dropouts during lectures and meetings.

It is essential that your computer can connect to online classes taught using Microsoft Teams.

What Skills do I Need?

Just basic computing skills are all that is needed, such as the ability to:

  • adjust computer settings
  • navigate the Internet
  • be able to edit files
  • navigate the file system on your computer and copy, paste and manage files and folders.
  • install any software (which we will supply) if required for a specific course

How much time does it take to complete the “Get Connected ‘ course?

You will have 2 weeks to complete it.  It can take anywhere up to 30 hours so start as soon as you get your invite.

You must complete the final Assessment and achieve a score of 80% to go through to the next stage of the process.

What is the Aptitude Test?

The Aptitude test is 40 questions in 40 minutes and assesses General ability. The same Aptitude test is used for all Pathways.

There is no pre-study available for this.

How many hours per week does the course require?

You will have two 1.5 hour tutorials per week with the rest being at-home study with access to two virtual libraries.

All tutorials are recorded to allow you to catch-up in your own time. 12-15 hours per week is generally expected to complete weekly course work.

Can I continue with the course if I secure employment?

Yes, you can. We encourage our students to secure employment whilst completing the Future In Tech Programme. However, you must be unemployed when you first apply and register for our programme.

What days will I have tutorials?

Your student schedule will be sent to you upon accepting your offer to join the Future In Tech Programme.

How does the Future In Tech Programme Work?

1.   You apply and register your interest for your chosen pathway on our Future In Tech programme.

2.   Complete our Application Process Steps which are as follows:
– Get Connected Course and receive an 80% grade
– Complete and pass the Aptitude test

3.   If successful and in the Top 25 for your chosen Pathway, you will be offered a place on our programme and will be asked to sign a Letter of Offer.

4.   Next step will be to Register with Cenit College.

5.   You will then commence your Chosen Pathway Course.

6.   Complete two 1.5 hour tutorials per week as well as 12-15 hours of at-home study.

7.   Four or five months into the course, you will be introduced to the mentors and will begin the Mentor Programme which will take place in tandem with your course work.

8.   The Career Support Service commences as the programme progresses.

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