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I have had the pleasure of being mentor under the Digital Marketing pathway for the last few years and what an experience it has been! First hand I can see the benefits the programme has had on students and allowing them to bring their career to a new level.

Through the mentoring project it allows students to put what they learnt into practical practice, as well as learning from someone who does it on a regular basis. What the students get out of depends on the level they put into it, and the same goes for me as a mentor – it is not just the students that benefit from the experience.

If it is something you are thinking of doing either from a mentor or student point of view – you won’t regret it. It is a very rewarding experience!

 Catherine Ryan, CEO/Owner, Ryan Marketing Solutions

I joined as a mentor to the Future in Tech programme earlier this year and am working with a group of students who are completing the Cybersecurity Analyst course. At the outset, I wasn’t sure what I was signing up to but thought it would be an opportunity to share some of my experiences with students. I’ve being doing the role for a number of months now and really enjoy the role. The students are enthusiastic, highly engaged and it’s great to hear about their progress and to play a small part in helping them to achieve success. If you can spare the time and think this might be something that you could do, I encourage you to get involved. You won’t regret it.

Michael O’Dwyer, Partner , Bearingpoint

They say you get more back from mentoring than you give, and that certainly is true. I loved the group mentoring and to see how the group evolved to support each other over the semesters. These mentoring sessions brought together a disparate group that bonded and became a powerful force, towards the end of the programme as they engaged in their final group project. I’m very proud of them and what they are achieving and what they will achieve in the future! Who knows maybe a nugget from one of those relaxed mentoring sessions will help them to do great things in cybersecurity in the future.

Carmel Somers, Digital Technology Skills Ltd

Having had the opportunity to act as a mentor in two Future in Tech Programme’s, I can testify to its wide ranging benefits first hand. Primarily to the participants, who compliment their new technical skills gained on the curriculum with a practical assignment that enables them to approach a new sector with confidence. Invariably these participants realise that much of their existing experience and talents, are transferable to this growing sector, allowing them to pivot rather than ‘start again’.

From the mentors perspective, I find you get to learn as much as the candidates. From the diverse backgrounds of mentee’s you engage with, to meeting exciting new talent that can add value to your own and connected businesses. These benefits, added to the rewarding sense of giving back, makes it a worthwhile endeavor for anyone in a position to volunteer. I highly commend the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet team who established this programme and are constantly evolving it to meet the markets needs.

Noel McCluskey, Finastra

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