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About This Course

This programme has been specifically designed for aspiring web developers who wish to learn about the latest technologies in Web Development.
The programme is focused on teaching the fundamental skills and concepts of Javascript, HTML and CSS, three of the core technologies of the internet. While not technically programming languages, all websites are built on a foundation of HTML (which displays all content), and CSS, which dictates the style, colour and layout of this content. This course teaches the coding of web design using HTML and CSS rather than front-end design. JavaScript Basics will also be taught in this course

Candidates for this exam will demonstrate that they can structure a webpage using HTML elements and create and apply styles using CSS.

Duration: 40 Weeks
Participants: 25
Certification: IT Specialist Certification Information technology Specilist – CSS and HTML

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • HTML Fundamentals
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • Document Structure using HTML
  • Multimedia Presentation using HTML
  • Webpage Styling using CSS
  • Accessibility, Readability, and Testing

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable to those that are new to web developement and wish to learn basics of web programming with HTML and CSS.

Course Syllabus

1. HTML Fundamentals

1.1          Construct markup that uses metadata elements

1.2          Construct well-formed page markup


2. CSS Fundamentals

2.1          Analyze and implement inline styles, internal (embedded) style sheets, and external style sheets

2.2          Construct and analyze rule sets


3. Document Structure using HTML

3.1          Construct and analyze markup to structure content and organize data

3.2          Construct and analyze markup that uses HTML5 semantic elements

3.3          Construct and analyze markup that implements navigation

3.4          Construct and analyze markup that uses form elements


4. Multimedia Presentation using HTML

4.1          Construct and analyze markup that displays images

4.2          Construct and analyze markup that plays video and audio


5. Webpage Styling using CSS

5.1          Construct and analyze styles that position content

5.2          Construct and analyze styles that format text

5.3          Construct and analyze styles that format backgrounds and borders

5.4          Construct and analyze styles that create a simple responsive layout


6. Accessibility, Readability, and Testing

6.1          Construct well-formed HTML and CSS markup that conforms to industry best practices

6.2          Apply accessibility principles and evaluate content accessibility

6.3          Evaluate the structural integrity of HTML and CSS markup

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